SMU Research

SMU is established in Asia and internationally for its research and education in management, social and behavioural sciences and information technology. Over the years, SMU’s academic publishing has also gained a very high degree of international visibility in areas such as Accounting, Data Analytics and Information Security, Economics and Finance.

SMU Research is an online resource of articles and videos showcasing SMU’s research. 

Enhancing Creativity through Multiculturalism

Associate Professor Angela Leung
11 Nov 2014

Running the Treadmill of Corporate Disclosures

Assistant Professor Holly Yang
11 Nov 2014

Building Models From the Bottom Up

Assistant Professor Cheng Shih-Fen
11 Nov 2014

Socioeconomics: The Story Behind the Numbers

Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii
2 Oct 2014

Understanding Groupthink

Assistant Professor Grace Park Guihyun
2 Oct 2014

What Is An Asset Really Worth?

Associate Professor Jeffrey Ng
2 Oct 2014

Keeping the Economy Healthy

Professor Hoon Hian Teck
2 Oct 2014