SMU Research

SMU is established in Asia and internationally for its research and education in management, social and behavioural sciences and information technology. Over the years, SMU’s academic publishing has also gained a very high degree of international visibility in areas such as Accounting, Data Analytics and Information Security, Economics and Finance.

SMU Research is an online resource of articles and videos showcasing SMU’s research. 

Voluntary Disclosure or Calculated Risk?

Assistant Professor Kim Jae Bum
29 Jun 2015

A New Sheriff in Town

Assistant Professor Tracey Zhang
29 Jun 2015

The Public Intellectual

Associate Professor Eugene Tan
29 Jun 2015

Taking Action for Social Change

Research at the SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation...
29 Jun 2015

The Vibrant Tapestry of Social Networks

Assistant Professor Michael Genkin
11 Jun 2015

The Law Professor Blogger

Assistant Professor Yip Man
11 Jun 2015

Ethical Business Leaders

Assistant Professor Jimmy Lee
11 Jun 2015

Keeping Chief Executives in Check

Researchers at the SMU School of Accountancy...
11 Jun 2015