SMU Research

SMU is established in Asia and internationally for its research and education in management, social and behavioural sciences and information technology. Over the years, SMU’s academic publishing has also gained a very high degree of international visibility in areas such as Accounting, Data Analytics and Information Security, Economics and Finance.

SMU Research is an online resource of articles and videos showcasing SMU’s research. 

Performance appraisals: Pitfalls and promises

By better understanding the performance appraisal process...
8 Jan 2016

The Seesaw of Supply and Demand

Assistant Professor Pradeep Varakantham
5 Jan 2016

Soaps, Sitcoms and Self

Assistant Professor Gao Yang
5 Jan 2016

The Power of Knowledge

SMU Assistant Professor Hiro Saito
29 Dec 2015

Mapping the Laws of Singapore's Legal Universe

The SMU School of Law...
17 Dec 2015

Creativity’s Culture Challenge

Associate Professor Roy Chua
17 Dec 2015

Making Sense of Virtual Assets

Associate Professor Kelvin Low
17 Dec 2015

Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Health

Assistant Professor Kim Seonghoon
17 Dec 2015