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Urban Management & Sustainability

Developing innovative solutions to efficient resource planning and allocation for enhanced urban mobility and operations

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Research Areas

30 Aug 2017

A deep dive into water management reform

Cooperation between governments and farmers is essential for irrigation policy and water management in Southeast Asia, says SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks.

30 Aug 2017

Zooming in on socioeconomic issues

By analysing the impact of anti-poverty policies at fine-grained level, Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii of the SMU School of Economics is uncovering better ways of reaching development goals.

30 Jun 2017

From household trash to policy treasure

A new measure of household responsiveness to public information campaigns, co-developed by SMU researchers, could help policy-makers make better decisions.

30 Jun 2017

When the switch flips on electricity prices

When it comes to renewable energy, a detailed understanding of how negative electricity prices drive economic incentives can help policy-makers and energy merchants alike make better decisions, says SMU Assistant Professor Helen Yangfang Zhou.

30 Jun 2017

Greening the supply chain one business model at a time

Making the global supply chain more sustainable requires a fundamental re-evaluation of how companies do business, says SMU Assistant Professor Buket Avci.

27 Feb 2017

The smart city revolution will not be centralised

How should smart systems underlying smart cities be organised? An expert panel shares their thoughts on this at a public lecture held at Singapore Management University.

24 May 2016

Transforming the Future of Logistics

SMU’s Green Transformation Lab celebrates its third year of innovation.

21 Mar 2016

Turning cities into innovation engines

Can smartphones improve our quality of life and make cities run more efficiently? SMU Associate Professor Rajesh Balan is working towards this vision.