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Events Feature Series


The face of future employment

As more elderly Singaporeans face the prospect of working well into their sixties, the gig economy may become an important avenue of employment. 

Giving AI a fair trial

Society must carefully weigh the merits and potential pitfalls of advanced AI that can do the work of junior lawyers, make judicial decisions and influence human behaviour, said experts at SMU’s Future of Law Conference.

Taxation in the time of technology

While tax systems must evolve to keep pace with the digital economy, maintaining a resilient tax base also involves ensuring that no company or individual is left behind, say panellists at the SMU-Tax Academy Centre for Excellence in Taxation’s conference.

Technology and the art of the optimum

When it comes to technology, more is not always better. Researchers at SMU are working out the optimal conditions under which technology can help businesses.

Helping seniors unlock the value of their homes

Singaporean seniors would be better prepared for retirement if they could monetise their homes, according to data from the SIngapore Life Panel®.

Financial literacy for the young and the young at heart

Financial knowledge and retirement preparedness go hand in hand, and it's never too early to start teaching it.

When science helps governments manage risk and innovation

Robust scientific evidence can help governments deal with threats and get the most out of new technologies, says UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport. 

The economics of ageing well

What can be done to help older Singaporeans live better? SMU's Cntre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA) aims to find out.

Staying ahead in the cybersecurity arms race

In an increasingly digitised world, the stakes in the battle to defend computer systems against cyberthreats are higher than ever before, say experts at the inaugural SMU Cybersecurity Forum.

Thriving in an uncertain world

A culture of innovation is needed for Singapore to shine, says SMU President Professor Arnoud De Meyer.

Putting the "public" in public policy

To better engage the public, policy-makers need new and better ways of dealing with unintended consequences, says SMU Professor David Chan.


Last updated on 12 Dec 2017 .