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School of Economics

A great researcher is always standing on the shoulders of giants to know what others may not know, to see what others cannot see, and to glean what others fail to glean. The reason is simple: the work what we do is built on that of scholars before us but has to go further.

Su Liang Jun,
Professor, Top Publishing Faculty

School of Economics

My research fields are urban, regional, and international economics, with my research topics ranging from as macro as gains from trade and income inequality to as micro as housing and transportation issues.

Wen-Tai Hsu,
Associate Professor
Faculty with research published in top tier journals

School of Economics

I am working on financial econometrics, an interdisciplinary area that integrates the fields of finance, economics, econometrics, and statistics.

Yu Jun,
Faculty leading research efforts within SMU

School of Economics

My work on Mechanism Design contributes to the understanding of institutions that deliver equitable and desirable social outcomes.

Shurojit Chatterji,
Winner of MOE 2016 Tier 2 Research Grant

School of Economics

My work on in urban economics research contributes to the formulation of housing and transportation policies that impact people's lives.

Phang Sock Yong,
Recipient of Celia Moh Professorial Chair



Research Areas

18 Jan 2018

Feeling a city’s economic pulse

SMU School of Economics

A city’s inherent interconnectedness means that people, businesses, buildings and transport networks can have far-reaching, sometimes unexpected impacts on one another, said experts at the 2017 SMU Conference on Urban and Regional Economics.

1 Dec 2017

The face of future employment

SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA)

As more elderly Singaporeans face the prospect of working well into their sixties, the gig economy may become an important avenue of employment.

30 Oct 2017

Room to grow the grid

SMU Associate Professor Hsu Wen-Tai

Although both formats have their merits, cul-de-sac-dominated Singapore could benefit from more grid roads like those in New York City, says SMU Associate Professor Hsu Wen-Tai.

11 Sep 2017

Helping seniors unlock the value of their homes

SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA)

Singaporean seniors would be better prepared for retirement if they could monetise their homes, according to data from the Singapore Life Panel®.

30 Aug 2017

Zooming in on socioeconomic issues

SMU Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii

By analysing the impact of anti-poverty policies at fine-grained level, Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii of the SMU School of Economics is uncovering better ways of reaching development goals.

15 Aug 2017

Financial literacy for the young and young at heart

CREA's Roundtable Discussion on Financial Literacy & Retirement Preparedness

Financial knowledge and retirement preparedness go hand in hand, and it’s never too early to start teaching it.

25 May 2017

The economics of ageing well

CREA's Health Roundtable Discussion

What can be done to help older Singaporeans live better? SMU's Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA) aims to find out.

20 Dec 2016

Ageing isn’t a tsunami

Researchers at the SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing

Are Singaporeans financially prepared for retirement and ageing? Researchers at the SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing are finding out.

20 Dec 2016

Economics in the real world

SMU Professor Jin Sainan

SMU Professor Jin Sainan creates econometric models that account for an economy’s real-life complexity without sacrificing the integrity of the story told.

17 Dec 2015

Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Health

SMU Assistant Professor Kim Seonghoon

Assistant Professor Kim Seonghoon looks at early-life health shocks and their impact on the economy at large by taking a leaf out of history books.