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School of Law

My research is to examine the boundary and evolution of corporate an financial law in East and Southeast and how rules interact with people in the market though a combination of theoretical, comparative and empirical approaches to yield not only qualitative assessment but also quantitive evidence of how the law works in practice in the digital era.

Christopher Chen,
Associate Professor
Specialises in Corporate, Banking and Finance Laws
(Corporate, Securities and Finance Research Cluster)

School of Law

International trade is the bloodline of Singapore, a country with the highest trade-to-GDP ratio in the world with trade accounting for four times of its GDP. By promoting a rule-based system for international trade, we can not only ensure the prosperity of Singapore, but also help to build a peaceful world.

Henry Gao,
Associate Professor
Specializes in WTO Law
(Public International law, Regional and Trade Law Research Cluster)

School of Law

With economic power shifting to the Asia-Pacific, an interdisciplinary understanding of regional trade agreements is essential for legal research and increases its practical relevance.

Pasha Hsieh,
Associate Professor
Specialises in Asian Legal Systems and ASEAN Law and Policy
(Asian and Comparative Legal Systems Cluster and the Public International law, Regional and Trade Law Research Cluster)

School of Law

As a legal philosopher, I engage foundational questions relating to law. What gives law legitimacy? How does law interact with morality and politics? If these questions are neglected, we might end up with laws that facilitate the achievement of short-term social goals or pander to particular interests but which are not necessarily sound or just.

Tan Seow Hon,
Associate Professor
Specialises in Jurisprudence
(Legal Theory, Ethics and Legal Education Research Cluster)


Research Areas

3 Sep 2018

Study sheds light on why the US and China don’t see eye-to-eye on e-commerce

New research from Singapore Management University has found that the US is more concerned with digital barriers like internet censorship and cross-border data flow, while China cares more about traditional trade barriers like tariffs.

3 Sep 2018

On the frontiers of free trade

SMU Associate Professor Pasha Hsieh

After a twist of fate set him on a career in international economic law, SMU Associate Professor Pasha Hsieh now investigates how free trade agreements can spur progress in developing countries.

2 Aug 2018

Early mediation leads to better outcomes, study says

The sooner a case is referred to mediation the better, according to the first empirical analysis of mediation in Singapore’s courts.

5 Apr 2018

Legal barriers hindering ASEAN trade: Report

ASEAN’s legal frameworks must keep pace with how businesses use technology today, say Singapore Management University researchers.

2 Apr 2018

Law through a philosopher’s lens

SMU Associate Professor Tan Seow Hon

SMU Associate Professor Tan Seow Hon probes the law’s philosophical foundations in order to enrich its practice.

2 Apr 2018

From zero-sum to win-win

Centre for Cross-Border Commercial Law in Asia

A two-day conference organised by the SMU Centre for Cross-Border Commercial Law in Asia championed the use of mediation in the civil justice system.

2 Apr 2018

Turning disputes into win-win relationships

Assistant Professor Eunice Chua

A stint at a not-for-profit mediation centre inspired SMU Assistant Professor Eunice Chua to study how legal disputes can be resolved more amicably for all parties involved.

2 Apr 2018

The ‘how’ of justice

Assistant Professor Dorcas Quek Anderson

Assistant Professor Dorcas Quek Anderson examines how dispute resolution processes can ensure that justice is served - both in outcome and in process.

18 Jan 2018

The new rules of digital trade

SMU School of Law

With the internet and emerging digital technologies transforming global trade, is there a need for new laws to regulate this rapidly evolving landscape? A panel of experts discussed this question at SMU’s conference on digital trade.

4 Jan 2018

Making mediation mainstream

Nadja Alexander

SMU Professor Nadja Alexander hopes that mediation will become people’s first recourse when they have a dispute to settle.