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School of Social Sciences

My research program has been devoted to theoretical and empirical investigations of a wide range of linguistic (i.e. bilingualism), emotional, sociocultural, and media-related (e.g., video gaming) factors that affect executive functions, which are malleable and multifaceted cognitive control processes.

YANG Hwa Jin,
Associate Professor of Psychology
Recipient of Ministry for Social and Family Development Research Grant

School of Social Sciences

Population aging has emerged as the leading demographic issue in much of Southeast Asia as well as other parts of the developing world. My research addresses the role of family, policy, and social structure in the health and wellbeing of older persons in developing Asia.

Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan,
Associate Professor of Sociology
Recipient of National Institutes of Health R01 Grant (USA)

School of Social Sciences

My research on the psychological mechanism of how we make quick, automatic judgements on other people sheds light on reducing evaluative bias.

Jennifer Tong,
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Recipient of MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund

School of Social Sciences

Every marathon begins with a single step. My work examines how happiness and meaning in life arise from the trials and triumphs of daily life.

William Tov,
Associate Professor of Psychology
Lead author in an article published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

School of Social Sciences

I have long believed that contributing to the expansion of human knowledge is one of the most honourable pursuits. I am fortunate to be able to conduct research on some of the great questions of social science.

Michael Genkin,
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Co-authored forthcoming papers in American Sociological Review and American Journal of Sociology


Research Areas

30 Aug 2017

A deep dive into water management reform

SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks

Cooperation between governments and farmers is essential for irrigation policy and water management in Southeast Asia, says SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks.

30 Jun 2017

Partnering against poverty

SMU Professor Ann Florini

Collaborations between businesses, governments and civil society organisations – if done right – could lift the world’s most destitute out of poverty, says Professor Ann Florini of the SMU School of Social Sciences.

25 Apr 2017

Life is a rollercoaster – it’s just how you ride it

SMU Associate Professor William Tov

SMU Associate Professor William Tov examines how everyday emotions shape our overall well-being.

25 Apr 2017

Unravelling terror’s anti-social networks

SMU Assistant Professor Michael Genkin

They may be a lot more clandestine, but terrorist organisations are social networks too, says SMU Assistant Professor Michael Genkin.

25 Apr 2017

Shining a light on Singapore’s invisible poor

SMU Associate Professor John Donaldson

SMU Associate Professor John Donaldson is working to understand the root causes of poverty in the wealthy city-state.

27 Oct 2016

Dissecting a giant: The commodification of rural China

SMU Associate Professors Forrest Zhang and John Donaldson

Rapid growth is causing unprecedented transformations in the social fabric and market structure of rural China, researchers at Singapore Management University investigate.

14 Sep 2016

Balancing the Sacred and the Secular

SMU Provost Lily Kong

SMU Provost Lily Kong, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading social and cultural geographers, studies the complexities that surround a society’s religious spaces and practices.

28 Jun 2016

How Culture Shapes Our Behaviour

SMU Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying

Research by SMU Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying is unlocking how our cultural identity shapes our lives and attitudes, even at a subconscious level.

24 Mar 2016

A Spotlight on Jasmine Rice

SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks

SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks examines how Thailand’s bureaucratic policies and organisations affect the development of its economy.

4 Mar 2016

The EU as an International Actor

SMU Assistant Professor Clara Portela

SMU Assistant Professor Clara Portela studies how the European Union wields sanctions and other foreign policy tools on the international stage.