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The new rules of digital trade

With the internet and emerging digital technologies transforming global trade, is there a need for new laws to regulate this rapidly evolving landscape? A panel of experts discussed this question at SMU’s conference on digital trade.


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The high returns of reconciling theory and data

Measures of profitability should ideally be both rooted in theory and backed by empirical data, said Professor John Core, keynote speaker at the SMU SOAR Accounting Symposium 2017.


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Feeling a city’s economic pulse

A city’s inherent interconnectedness means that people, businesses, buildings and transport networks can have far-reaching, sometimes unexpected impacts on one another, said experts at the 2017 SMU Conference on Urban and Regional Economics.


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Making mediation mainstream

SMU Professor Nadja Alexander hopes that mediation will become people’s first recourse when they have a dispute to settle.


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Pushing the boundaries of company law

Existing laws could be refined to better govern the interactions between directors, shareholders and other company stakeholders, says SMU Associate Professor Pearlie Koh.


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Giving credit where it is due

Intellectual property laws strike a balance between incentivising innovation and ensuring that information and freedom of expression are not curtailed, says SMU Associate Professor Saw Cheng Lim.


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Last updated on 31 Jan 2017 .