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SMU Research

SMU is established in Asia and internationally for its research and education in management, social and behavioural sciences and information technology. Over the years, SMU’s academic publishing has also gained a very high degree of international visibility in areas such as Accounting, Data Analytics and Information Security, Economics and Finance.

SMU Research is an online resource of articles and videos showcasing SMU’s research.


Taxation in the time of technology

19 Sep 2017

SMU-Tax Academy Centre for Excellence in Taxation

Technology and the art of the optimum

18 Sep 2017

SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business Operations Management Group

Helping seniors unlock the value of their homes

11 Sep 2017

SMU Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA)

Enabling leadership from the ground up

30 Aug 2017

SMU’s Institute for Societal Leadership

A deep dive into water management reform

30 Aug 2017

SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks

The art of negotiating in Asia

30 Aug 2017

SMU Associate Professor Michael Benoliel

Zooming in on socioeconomic issues

30 Aug 2017

SMU Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii

Financial literacy for the young and young at heart

15 Aug 2017

CREA's Roundtable Discussion on Financial Literacy & Retirement Preparedness

When science helps governments manage risk and innovation

11 Jul 2017

UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport

From household trash to policy treasure

30 Jun 2017

SMU School of Information Systems

Partnering against poverty

30 Jun 2017

SMU Professor Ann Florini

When the switch flips on electricity prices

30 Jun 2017

SMU Assistant Professor Helen Yangfang Zhou