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SMU Research

SMU is established in Asia and internationally for its research and education in management, social and behavioural sciences and information technology. Over the years, SMU’s academic publishing has also gained a very high degree of international visibility in areas such as Accounting, Data Analytics and Information Security, Economics and Finance.

SMU Research is an online resource of articles and videos showcasing SMU’s research.


Deconstructing chit chat

28 Oct 2016

SMU Assistant Professor Lee Youngki

Debunking the myth of password security

27 Oct 2016

SMU Associate Professor Gao Debin

It’s not always about the money

27 Oct 2016

SMU Associate Professor Gary Chan

Dissecting a giant: The commodification of rural China

27 Oct 2016

SMU Associate Professors Forrest Zhang and John Donaldson

Balancing the Sacred and the Secular

14 Sep 2016

SMU Provost Lily Kong

Agents of Change

14 Sep 2016

SMU Visiting Professor Michael Macy

The Blame Game

14 Sep 2016

SMU Associate Professor Low Kee Yang

Smart Homes Enhance Seniors' Safety

27 Jul 2016

Project SHINESeniors

China: Rule-taker, Rule-shaker or Rule-maker?

27 Jul 2016

SMU Associate Professor Henry Gao

Unveiling informal business networks

27 Jul 2016

SMU Associate Professor Zang Yoonseok

Whose Wrong, Whose Liability

27 Jul 2016

SMU Associate Professor Lee Pey Woan

Guiding Economic Growth through National Action Plans: Protect, Respect and Remedy

28 Jun 2016

CALS-SMU Coalition for National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights